Sitka Fishing Report

4-7-2016 Spring is here and the Steelhead are too.  Bright agressive early Steelhead are being caught in local rivers with diligence, spotting and stalking.  The water is gin clear and low but I'm hoping the rain of the last couple days will pump things up a bit.  I found success with a small rubber legged nymph with a hot pink bead for a head.  Fished under an indicator with fluorocarbon tippet.  There are also good numbers of Chinook Salmon in Sitka Sound last weekend my Dad and his buddy Sid went out on the KRJ and limited out with 2 each in about an hour at Vitskari Rocks 125' with flashers and bait.  The area low elevation lakes are ice free and likely fishing very well but i have not heard any first hand reports.  It is wide open for fishing in the Sitka area if you can take advantage of the windows of nice weather between gales.     

Its December and I am in the office working on the computer building the new website for Sitka Alaska Outfitters so unfortunately I don't have a current fishing report :(.  I did just go buy some fly tying materials so that I can get busy making ammo for the spring Steelhead season that is right around the corner.  Stay tuned I will have something for you soon.