Spend a day ATV riding on Kruzof Island.  There are over 35 miles of OHV trails on Kruzof island that are available to explore.  The trails lead through forest and muskeg areas and past streams that have runs of salmon and char to a beautiful ocean beach with a view of Mount Edgecumbe Volcano.  Kruzof Island is an uninhabited island just a few miles from Sitka.  Wildlife such as the Sitka Blacktail Deer and Alaska Coastal Brown Bear are frequently seen there.  There are also a variety of activities that can be paired with ATV riding such as a picnic on the beach or some fly fishing in the river.  There are several options to choose from with details and reservations available in the online catalog.  Kruzof Island is part of the Tongass National Forest there is information and maps about Kruzof island on the USFS Website.  Here is a link to the Sitka Ranger District map site.